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Treasurer and Handicap Chairs

Treasurer's:  Club dues of $100.00 are due in March. 

NNWGA Dues :  The $25.00 per NNWGA member is March.  Invoices will NOT be sent to you. Please have your Handicap Chair print your Home Report showing all active members of your club, and submit with the $25.00 fee per member.   

There is an invoice below that you can use to document your payment.  OR, you can just write on the report you print out, circle or highlight the new members x $25.00 = amount submitted.

What is the $25.00 fee for?  The $25.00 fee is your NNWGA membership dues.  These funds support our mission and benefits that are outlined on this website under "About Us"... "Mission" and "Benefits". 

As our season gets going, you will have additional women join your club.  Please submit monthly the name and $25.00 per new member as you receive them.

Thank you ,
Donna Ward
2017 Treasurer

Darla Smyth
Executive Director
775-851-8102 for questions


Send payments to:
18124 Wedge Parkway, #182
Reno, NV  89511


Club Dues Invoice 2017

Member Dues Invoice 2017